Taking The Pain Out Of Pain Recovery

Are You Ready To Change Your Pain?

Are you experiencing a chronic or persistent pain condition?

Are you ready for help from those who have had chronic pain?

Are you ready for the tools to reduce or recover from your pain?

Are you ready for an evidence based effective approach?

Are you ready to be part of a supportive community?

We Can Help

Help you understand what factors are contributing to your pain

Help you find the right tools and techniques to reprogram your pain

Help you explain it to friends, family and healthcare professionals

Help by making it all in one easily accessible place.

Help with pain, anxiety, diet, sleep, movement and so much more.

What's Included:

Regular new content to help reframe your pain & reduce symptoms

Worksheets and exercises to guide you through your individual journey

Evidence-based bite sized information on latest pain science

A monthly group support call

An online supportive community.

Get Started With Toolkit Today

Join us today to invest in Changing Your Pain. Members will have access to all the information listed above and will be welcomed into a supportive community that has an active input into the the content you most need. Join others wanting to recover and healthcare practitioners who get it.

Change Your Pain Toolkit Modules

Access many hours of amazing, in-depth modules that are full of bite-sized, evidence-based ways to Change Your Pain. First hand knowledge from our practitioners with lived experience of chronic pain alongside the latest in pain neuroscience and MindBody medicine. 

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons. You will have access to the toolkit and all the additional information as it gets added. We will also be reaching out to ask what resources you want and answering your questions. 

Change Your Pain Community

Not only that but if you buy the toolkit you get to join our online community, get a monthly group support call and connect online with people from around the world who are in a similar position to you. Learn and share with the every growing community of people wanting to change their pain.